Non ChexSystems Banks

If you apply for a checking account at a bank and your request is denied, then you have probably been blacklisted on the ChexSystems national consumer report database. Do not take this personally because 7% of American households are in the same boat you are in. However, the real problem is that you applied for a checking account at a bank which uses ChexSystems to screen their new applicants. If you already know that you are blacklisted, you need to avoid all banks which use ChexSystems and find one that does not use it. This is the only chance you will have of opening a new checking account without your consumer credit report getting in the way.

Believe it or not, about 20% of all national and local banks in towns and cities throughout the country do not use ChexSystems. You just have to know which ones they are. Once you find Non-ChexSystems Banks, you won’t have the stress of wondering if your past mistakes with previous bank accounts will prevent you from ever opening another one again.

We believe in second chances

Guaranteed bank account for customers who are denied by ChexSystems or who are looking for a Second Chance Account. Feel free to apply for a new account, despite your financial history.

  • NO Monthly Service Charge;
  • NO Fees on CiT Bank ATMs;
  • Online Banking, Mobile Banking.

Wells Fargo is certainly a reputable bank which offers Opportunity Checking accounts to people who have less than perfect consumer credit. However, just because Wells Fargo is a second chance bank that doesn’t use ChexSystems, it is still difficult to open an account with them because they still check your credit score with the three main credit bureau agencies. Therefore, if you have bad credit then you may still get denied for a bank account. In this case, you could just forget about Wells Fargo and try BBVA Compass instead because they will never check your credit score or your consumer report.

With this bank, you won’t have to worry about them checking your consumer score through ChexSystems or your credit score through any of the credit bureaus. This means people with bad credit and bad consumer reports will be able to open a GoBank checking account with Green Dot Bank. You can sign up for free over the internet or through the Green Dot Bank mobile app. If your direct deposits in the account add up to at least $500 per month, you will not be charged the $8.95 fee that is normally charged every month. There are no overdraft fees or penalty fees of any kind.

The MemoryBuilder Checking account is designed to help you rebuild your banking history and eventually graduate to a traditional account again. The monthly fee on the account is only $6.95 and there are more than 85,000 ATMs available that won’t have a surcharge when you use the MemoryBnak MasterCard debit card that comes free with the account.

If you can manage a prepaid debit card then you can go one step further and manage a Rebound Checking account from Radius Bank. This bank is perfect for building your banking history bank up to a positive one. You can make check deposits through your mobile device using the Radius Mobile app and receive direct deposits too. The fee is $9 per month and you only need $10 to open the account. Comes with free online banking.

Local Banks that Do Not Use ChexSystems

A USAA Free Checking account is available for military families, including children, spouses, National Guard members and retirees of the service. You just have to deposit $25 to open the account and then you won’t have to maintain any minimum balance or pay any monthly fees. Note that they don’t use ChexSystems but they do use another checking system called Early Warning System.

This bank is a little harder to get approved for. Technically, they do look at your ChexSystems consumer report but it is not the basis of their decision. If you have a fair credit score with no history of bank fraud, then this will be good enough to get approved for a checking account with them. Then you can enjoy no monthly fees and no minimum balance requirements.

Foundation Checking at PNC Bank is made specifically for people with bad consumer reports. If you are someone who wants to build your banking history bank up and make it a positive one, then this is the account to open. However, they require you to take a Foundations of Money Management Course over the internet prior to opening an account. If you pass the course, you then go to the bank in person and open the account from there. They have a monthly fee of $7, a minimum deposit requirement of $25, online banking, and the ability to eventually graduate to having a regular checking account once you’ve maintained a good banking history with them.

A United Free Checking account does not require you to have a good ChexSystems consumer report. The only setback is they are only located in five locations; Virginia, Ohio, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, and Maryland. After making a minimum deposit of $50, you won’t have any monthly fees or minimum balance requirements.

Despite it being called a national bank, it is actually a regional banking institution which provides second chance bank accounts to those who have had banking troubles in the past. You will have to apply for a checking account in person at this bank. After you get approved for a checking account, you will need to deposit $25 and pay a one-time setup fee of $9. If you set up direct deposit, you only have to pay $9.95 per month. Otherwise, it will be $11.95 for each month.


Do not ever let past banking problems keep you from opening a checking account again. A bad consumer report in ChexSystem no longer has to stop you either. You now know that banks exist both nationally and locally which won’t even bother using ChexSystems. Out of all these banks, BBVA Compass is without a doubt the best bank for people with a terrible banking past. BBVA Compass will approve your new checking account quickly and will not bother doing consumer checks or credit checks. Best of all, they do not charge any monthly fees and they offer you all the premium services that non-free checking accounts would have.