Non ChexSystems Banks

If you apply for a checking account at a bank and your request is denied, then you have probably been blacklisted on the ChexSystems national consumer report database. Do not take this personally because 7% of American households are in the same boat you are in. However, the real problem is that you applied for a checking account at a bank which uses ChexSystems to screen their new applicants. If you already know that you are blacklisted, you need to avoid all banks which use ChexSystems and find one that does not use it. This is the only chance you will have of opening a new checking account without your consumer credit report getting in the way.

Believe it or not, about 20% of all national and local banks in towns and cities throughout the country do not use ChexSystems. You just have to know which ones they are. Once you find Non-ChexSystems Banks, you won’t have the stress of wondering if your past mistakes with previous bank accounts will prevent you from ever opening another one again.

Open Account Now!

Guaranteed Checking Account for customers who are denied by ChexSystems or who are looking for a Second Chance Account.

  • NO Monthly Service Charge;
  • NO Fees on CiT Bank ATMs;
  • Online Banking, Mobile Banking.


Do not ever let past banking problems keep you from opening a checking account again. A bad consumer report in ChexSystem no longer has to stop you either. You now know that banks exist both nationally and locally which won’t even bother using ChexSystems. Out of all these banks, BBVA Compass is without a doubt the best bank for people with a terrible banking past. BBVA Compass will approve your new checking account quickly and will not bother doing consumer checks or credit checks. Best of all, they do not charge any monthly fees and they offer you all the premium services that non-free checking accounts would have.