ChexSystems Complaints and Reviews

People who’ve dealt with ChexSystems have made similar complaints about their experiences with them. For starters, ChexSystems has a tendency to contact people by phone or mail, even though they’ve requested to be contacted by email only. But the biggest complaint seems to be in the accuracy of their consumer reports. After someone receives their report, they find the information is not true at all and the issues on there never actually happened. When the person tries to contact ChexSystems to inquire about these issues, they end up speaking to someone from a foreign country who has a very thick accent and can barely understand what they’re saying. In the end, ChexSystems just tells people to file a dispute if they believe the information in their report is inaccurate. However, the disputes don’t usually resolve the issues, especially if the person has been the victim of identity theft because ChexSystems will just see their negative remarks as being authentic.

Jeff Kane
My bank notified me that ChexSystems had sent them an alert about my account. But I never had any problems with my account in the past. When I called ChexSystems to ask about this alert, they claimed they never sent one to my bank. ChexSystems customer service is the worst and they don’t even bother checking on my issue.
Mikel Jose
It is nearly impossible to reach a live human being when calling ChexSystems. I was recently denied a savings account because of some issue on my ChexSystems report. I have no idea what this issue could be because I never had any banking or credit problems in the past. But when I tried to call ChexSystems, I kept getting redirected to different prerecorded messages which didn’t even help me. When I finally got a hold of someone, they sounded like they were from India.
I tried to open a savings account at a bank but they denied it. About one week later, I received a letter from the bank which explained that ChexSystems sent them my consumer report and it showed negative marks about me. Not knowing what these marks could be from, I went to the ChexSystems website to request a free copy of my consumer report online. However, their online system failed to give me the report because it claimed my driver’s license number was not valid, even though it was. When I called their customer support number, they just told me to go back online and request a copy. I got nowhere. Terrible customer service.
ChexSystems is the worst when trying to resolve an identity theft issue. After going through the dispute process to try and clear the negative marks off my consumer report, I just didn’t get anywhere. Even after my identity was stolen years ago, those bad marks are still on my record even though I have proof of the theft. ChexSystems should be shut down permanently.
Ryan Toni
About five years ago, I closed my checking account which had around $150 owed on it. I paid the amount and thought everything was fine. Recently, however, I tried to open a new checking account at a different bank than before and they denied my request. Their reason was because ChexSystems’ consumer report on me showed that I still had an unpaid balance. So, I filed a dispute over it and never heard back from them after a month.
ChexSystems does not care about following federal laws regarding consumer rights to their information and solving disputes. After I filed my dispute and provided numerous police reports about my identity theft case, ChexSystems still refused to remove the negative marks off my consumer report. They will always side with the banks and financial institutions who are paying their salary. Meanwhile, consumers are left in the dirt with no way to open a new bank account. So, I started looking for different financial solutions and found a way out. I opened the second chance account and enjoy life without the ChexSystems.