get back into traditional banking

Get back into traditional banking

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The consumer reporting agency known as “ChexSystems” is known for tracking and recording the banking activity of consumers’ checking accounts and savings accounts.

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Non ChexSystems Banks

Most banks use ChexSystems to screen people when they apply for new bank accounts. But if you are blacklisted on ChexSystems, then these banks will not approve you.

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Early Warning Services

Early Warning Services is a third-party financial security organization which helps warn financial institutions and government agencies about possible fraudulent transactions.

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Second Chance Checking

A second chance checking account can still be opened if you are blacklisted by ChexSystems. About 20% of banks and credit unions in the country offer second chance checking accounts.

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TeleCheck is a consumer reporting agency which primarily tracks and records previous bank account debts and problems. They focus particularly on the check writing history of consumers.

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Credit Bureaus

Credit report agencies, or credit bureaus, have vastly expanded over the past three decades. As the population of people increased, the amount of unpaid debt increased as well.

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