Got in ChexSystems?

Non ChexSystems Banks

ChexSystems is a consumer credit reporting agency that keeps track of detailed financial information for all banking consumers. Anyone who applies for a checking account at a bank and gets denied will end up in the ChexSystems. This is an agency that provides financial institutions with a person’s loan and credit history, and any other information that pertains to why their previous bank accounts were closed. So let’s say you go to a bank and apply for an account, they are going to request your detailed financial history from ChexSystems to see the reasons behind any discrepancies that you may have in that history. As a result, the ChexSystems can become a key factor in determining whether or not you get approved for a new bank account. It does not actually affect your credit score, but it can affect your ability to get a new account. If you find out that you are in the ChexSystems then you will find it difficult to get approved for a checking account at a regular banking institution. Fortunately, there are three ways in which you can deal with this problem so you can reestablish your credit history and pay your bills as if you had a traditional checking account.


Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems

The good news is there are lots of non-ChexSystems and non-EWS financial institutions. These institutions do not scan your application when you open a new banking account. BBVA Compass is one of the few banks that offers free checking and saving accounts without using ChexSystems. When you need to rebuild your credit, BBVA Compass can help you manage your money and get your finances back on track. Feel free to apply for a new account, despite your financial history.

  • BBVA Compass
  • Scottrade Bank
  • Discover Bank
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Second Chance Checking Account

Offered by major union credits and banks, second chance checking accounts appear to be a good tool to rebuild your financial and credit history. BBVA Compass Easy Checking is a second chance checking account that is available to people with no other bank account options. This gives people the chance to reestablish themselves as financially responsible by paying their bills and not going into debt again. After awhile, the ChexSystems will take note of their newfound financial responsibility, which will enable the person to be eligible for a regular bank account at a traditional bank.

Non-ChexSystems Banks

Open a New Checking Account

If you are in the ChexSystems and you want to open up a bank account then you need to find a bank that doesn’t use ChexSystems when reviewing new account applications. Second chance banks and banking accounts are what you would need in this scenario because they are made specifically to give people with a poor financial history another chance to rebuild their history and make it better again. Eventually, you will get a positive rating in the ChexSystems and will be able to apply for traditional bank accounts. BBVA Compass is one of the few banks that offers free checking accounts without using ChexSystems. All you have to do is apply for the checking account and then once you get approved, you can just pay all of your bills and stay consistent with them. The account comes with a variety of features to help you with your money management including online banking, mobile banking, bill pay and customizable alerts. There are no fees charged at BBVA Compass ATMs when you use your free Visa Debit Card that comes with your account. ClearConnect Checking Account at BBVA Compass gives you a guaranteed approval solution. Feel free to apply for a new account in spite of your financial history.

BBVA Compass Guaranteed Accounts without ChexSystems

Checking Account

  • NO monthly Service Charge
  • FREE Online Banking and Mobile Banking
  • FREE online and paper statements
  • NO fees on BBVA Compass ATMs
  • Unlimited check writing
  • Open with only $25
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Money Market Account

  • Annual Percentage Yield of .65% APY.
  • No fees at any BBVA or Allpoint® ATM
  • Maximize interest as your balance grows
  • FDIC insurance up to $250,000
  • Mobile Check Deposits
  • Minimum opening deposit - $25
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